Our End of the Year Celebration

I knew that I had to come up with something big for our family gathering that we have at the end of every school year. My three brothers, two sisters and myself have a combined 20 children, and we all live in the same area. We do something every year to celebrate the arrival of summer, and I wanted to do something special for the kids this past year. I finally hit on the best idea, which was a picnic at the park. Does that sound like a boring idea? Not when I arranged for transportation from www.diamondpartybus.ca.

I knew that none of the kids had ever been in a limo, and only one of my brother’s wives had been in one, but I remembered how much she said it made her feel like royalty. That was exactly the feeling that I wanted all of the kids to have, and I knew that it would be an incredible memory that none of them would forget. With all of us, along with our parents and super close family friends, there were nearly 40 of us. That was okay though, because they have party buses that will hold that many people, and even more!

I looked at the details on the page describing their fleet, and then I was able to request a quote right from the website for the limo company. It did not take long to get the price quote back, and my siblings and I decided that it was definitely worth it. The kids were not enthused at first about the picnic until they found out how we were getting there. We almost didn’t tell them, but the anticipation was a lot of fun too. We had such a great time on the party bus, and I know that it is going to be hard to top that next year!