Chicago Bus Company – Ultimate Group Foodie Tours

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A Chicago bus company guides clients to the ultimate food trips in the Windy City. Group adventures for gastronomic pleasures are more enjoyable with insider tips. It is best to charter a bus and get a trusted bus company’s assistance for your tour itinerary. Discover and enjoy Chicago like the locals do. Bus charter service is the ideal transport service if you want to see food districts and restaurants in the city that are often off the beaten path.

Services from a Chicago Bus Company

Top bus operators offer versatile tour packages and services to their clients. Tourists and group travelers to Chicago find a smorgasbord of bus rental solutions. All you have to do is make sure that you are dealing with certified and licensed service providers at Here are some of the top bus charter services for group excursions and food trips:

Day Trips

See Chicago during the day on board contemporary bus charter fleets. There are minibuses to coach buses available for day trips and excursions. You can choose the ideal bus unit type that caters to the number of passengers in your group.

Academic and Educational Tour

Charter buses are also quite popular for education and academic tours. Most schools and universities collaborate with bus operators for this particular service. Charter bus is the safest means of transportation for group excursions especially for much younger passengers. Most deluxe bus units have child-friendly features such as the comfy and spacious seats. There are units with onboard restrooms to keep young passengers comfortable all the time. This also avoids frequent stopovers.

Night Trips and Parties

One of the best features of charter buses is that this type of transport service is customized to cater to different party needs. Party or theme buses in particular are the best choices for this type of activity. Most party and theme buses are quite elaborate in features and designs. These vehicles even have DJ booths and disco floors inside for on the go parties.

Sporting Events

Charter buses are ideal to transport sporting teams and groups to their destination. Experience the best sports event on board premier quality charter buses.

Best Chicago Food and Food Spots

Make sure you visit the following venues and try their specialties:

  • El Ideas (Ice cream and fries)
  • Kai Zan (Uni shooter)
  • Sink ǀ Swim (Garlic Panisse)
  • Cherry Circle Room (Shrimp cocktail)
  • Authentaco (Cactus taco)

What An Atlanta Bus Company Can Offer You?

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You must be thinking about what to use for your particular travel itinerary that you are thinking to realize soon. If you will be joined by other people then it is a good idea to look for a vehicle that is large enough to have everyone in your group accommodated with a great deal of convenience. If you want to realize that itinerary in the city of Atlanta then it is a good advice to allot some of your time looking for a trusted and reliable Bus Company. Below are the various services offered by a bus company in the city today:

Services for Birthday and Debut Celebrations

Are you planning to celebrate a birthday the different way? Whether it is you birthday or the natal day of someone who is close to your heart, this occasion is best celebrated when you do it in the streets of Atlanta. Maybe this is the first time that you hear about birthday celebrations of debuts that happen in the streets of the city but you have to know that this is the trend today. These days, charter buses are found in the streets of Atlanta and if you carefully look inside, you’ll know that there’s someone inside who is partying and celebrating his or her birthday.

Services for Corporate Gatherings and Events

If you belong to a particular company and you were assigned with the responsibility to arrange for a corporate gathering that is made the unique way then you can try a corporate event that is going to take place in the streets of Atlanta. Well, this p[roves to be an amazing way for everyone in your company to participate in your corporate activity because you will be ,roaming around a city that is filled with many businesses, companies and corporations that are known worldwide. Your surroundings serve as a great inspiration to everyone onboard.

Services for Group Tours

For you to be able to see and experience the many sites and attractions found in the city of Atlanta, hiring an Atlanta Bus Company makes a good option for you. Through this company, you will be able to enjoy affordable, comfortable, safe and secure trips no matter when and no matter how far you wish to go in the city.

There are more services that you can avail when you hire the service of an Atlanta Bus Company. Hire one today and discover the many services it offers soon!