Vietnam Travel Guide: Hanoi - Halong Bay - Nha-Trang - Hochi-Minh City

Vietnam Travel Guide: Hanoi – Halong Bay – Nha-Trang – Hochi-Minh City

Vietnam can be a country abounding with wondrous and diverse organic beauty. It is dotted with lofty peaks, riverine valleys, and dense woods. Vietnam’s war-torn past can be a cause of lots of its pure beauty still being unexplored and untouched. There is no dearth of what to see or to enjoy in Vietnam. The warmth of individuals along with the richness of the culture truly produces a wonderful day at this beautiful place a thrilling and enchanting experience for just about any tourist.

Hanoi is named because of the ‘the city while using the river’s bend’ and it has a rich cultural heritage that blends in harmony while using growing modernization. The Old quarter comes with historic charm and the tourists can find a huge selection of shops and restaurants lining the narrow alleys. Ho Hoan Kiem Lake is often a delightful body of water located within the guts of Hanoi which is the pride of the Vietnamese. For tourists enthusiastic about arts and architecture, you have the Thang Long Water Puppet theatre along with the Van Mieu or even the Temple of Literature.

Ha, Long Bay is often a ‘dream come true’ for every beach lover as it gets the two biggest islands Cat Ba and Tuan Chau with good beaches and resorts. The tourists are spellbound and awestruck by seeing the splendid stone curtain as well as the numerous giant stalagmites and stalactites. Mother Nature has indeed blessed this place with lots of islands, isles and stunning caves like Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot among others.

Nha Trang means ‘pristine sand’ this also is a beautiful bay, flanked by miles of pristine sand beaches and protected by a ring of mountains. This Vietnam coastline is a spectacular spot enjoyed by many tourists. Nha Trang Cathedral is …

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Vacation Rentals and Social Media

Vacation Rentals and Social Media

As social media marketing has exploded most of us have seen the web become more personal. It’s often about niche nowadays than mass. As a vacation rental owner, you have a huge advantage over hotels since you are a niche. Renters know that they are tapping directly into something personal which is the point of accommodations – they often attract people who want something more personal than the usual large corporate hotel chain.

So if you’re attempting to market your rental online then getting to grips with social networking is a must. The exact numbers of people actively using social networking vary widely but what exactly is certain is that it’s huge – Facebook alone is generally inside a huge selection of million users. But how do accommodations fit into this and just how would you take advantage of the trend? It’s probably safer to start in reverse and think about what you can tell people by engaging with social networking. That will naturally lead you to the best choice which forms to use.

The Virtual Travel Guide

If you’ve ever stayed at a vacation rental, or perhaps you own one, you’ll know that somewhere inside the living room there’s a drawer filled with restaurant menus, theme park flyers, maps and more. That’s a great resource if you’re a renter who has just arrived on the first day of your trip. But think how much more valuable that information might be as an advertising tool for your rental listing, designed for renters to find out during their search process. What is the best local diner, the nearest grocery store and also the best offshore fishing charter? Why not input it on-line and grow a virtual travel guide to your area?

Facebook has become the best tool with this because it …

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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico is often a Caribbean island that is located near the Dominican Republic and towards the western side with the Virgin Islands. Its location is critical for the shipping community since it will lie upon the shipping lane which leads towards the Panama Canal. Discovered by Columbus in 1493; its original name was San Juan Bautista. Now, it can be a self-governance island from the United States.

The Ideal of Climate

Being one from the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico provides a serene tropical climate that you would enjoy during your holiday. The temperature remains moderate across the year from 21 to 32 degrees C. The island gets an abundant way to obtain rainfall and each year hurricanes also bring added rainfall. Overall, the climate is ideal for a tropical holiday.

Puerto Rico is mostly comprised of mountains thus it might function as trekkers’ delight. The mountains lie throughout the coastal areas; while you’ll find beautiful sandy beaches around. The island even offers a river Grande de Arecibo that’s the longest in the island and flows at night northern coast of the island.

Exotic Places To Visit

Puerto Rico has various exotic places that you should visit. The capital city San Juan has one in the largest natural harbors in the Caribbean and serves as a large fishing industry. Arecibo, that is another city, has one from the world’s largest telescope devices for space exploration. The capital of Scotland – Carolina is famous for its clubbing scene and nightlife. The city boasts casinos for casual and hardcore gamblers. Other cities are very well known for their beaches and parks. The island also has a rainforest El Yunque that ought to be explored throughout a visit. Other places to check out will be the San Juan National historic site which features …

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Planning a Vacation - 10 Things to Consider Before Travelling

Planning a Vacation – 10 Things to Consider Before Travelling

Every on occasion a breath of fresh air ‘s all that is needed to obtain revitalized. Now it’s up to you to whether breathe the cool air of London or even the hot air of Congo or pleasant breeze of Malaysia. Whichever place you choose to visit, it is important is to plan it in an organized manner. A well-planned vacation is a bit more fun and economical.

Here Are Some Tips To Obtain You Started:

  1. Start planning your getaway three months earlier. It will give you the chance to seek out the most notable rates and deals available.
  2. Keep in mind a good time to journey to your selected destination. I mean will there be any fun in visiting Europe in mid-winter? Similarly some places like Malaysia less complicated cheaper in the offseason. You can save a few extra bucks on that.
  3. Always remember to book your flights beforehand and steer clear of the hustle with the last moment. This way they’re worth only be stress-free but will discover some cheap rates also.
  4. Don’t carry more than you are entitled to. Ask the airline to tell you just how much needs to be your luggage. It’s better to keep yourself light while traveling.
  5. The choice of hotel should be done cautiously. Do a survey on the internet regarding the place and choose the accommodation that is located within an area of interest. Adding to that does weigh it up that it is affordable and has quick access to transportation.
  6. Most of the popular hotels today have a website that offers you the particular booking your room online. For some countries the web rates less complicated lower. It’s far better to book your rooms a minimum of a month before.
  7. Your amount of stay depends on just the places you
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Ghost Tourism Destinations in New Jersey

Ghost Tourism Destinations in New Jersey

Whether you want to visit or buy a new home in New Jersey, you might be curious about the state’s haunted sites. New Jersey is a beautiful state and has a lot of history. It lies along the east coast and many local cities have reported a lot of paranormal activity. Many of these places are private and not open to the public, but there are a number of guided tours available for those who are curious. If you move to New Jersey then it’s a good idea to get to know the best-haunted countries, don’t you think?

The Best-haunted places

Many homes in Cape May, New Jersey are reported to be haunted so this is where you might want to start your search for the best-haunted places in New Jersey. There are several bed and breakfasts and a haunted restaurant to choose from. A restaurant is a place of business in Cape May and a baby is reportedly haunting the place. The story goes that the baby was killed in the crib, and pictures of the baby appear in the picture there taken in the 1900s. Guests and employees alike report feeling the presence of a baby.

Combs Hollow Rd

If you are looking for a new home in New Jersey, but are not sure where you want to live, you can always explore Combs Hollow Rd. The story goes that a young woman was killed while jogging along that road by a hit and run driver. Later that night the man killed himself and is said to haunt the bridge where it happened. People have reported seeing him on the bridge around midnight as they were crossing.

Shelly Drive

Another road in New Jersey that is reportedly haunted is Shelly Drive. Shelly Drive is located in a subdivision …

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Brazil

Holiday & Travel Guide For Brazil

Look around

Sao Luis in Brazil is a spectacular place to visit, with its magnificent palaces and colonial buildings creating photo opportunities on every corner. One of the highlights is the snake farm which houses not only snakes but also scorpions and spiders there to be seen from all over the world. It is a pleasant day. The city itself has a beautiful cathedral to visit, many other Christian sites and several museums displaying art and nautical exhibits. This old city is very ancient with beautiful architecture in the Portuguese style along narrow winding streets where large areas are now protected as national monuments. An interesting trip is down one of the two rivers that flow through the city. The city has a mystical charm and is a beautiful place to stay. You can also rent a car and travel outside the track to see some of the incredible sights in and around Sao Luis.


Every tourists traveling to Brazil should try some local cuisine. The main ingredients are root vegetables, meat, coconut and rice. Their warm stew is very tasty and there are a variety of seafood dishes. Feijoada is the most popular dish with a mixture of various types of spicy meat cooked in beans and pepper sauce, usually served with cabbage. Very filling and very delicious. Food in Brazil is very cheap and suits all budgets, and you will find several restaurants and cafes that serve international cuisine, but while in Brazil feel something different. If Brazilian fries will eat it.


Some of the best shopping places are in the older part of town where you can find many traditional and handicraft items that reflect the history and culture of Brazil. There are some very interesting markets to buy something unique and interesting to take …

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Dharamshala Travel Guide

Dharamshala Travel Guide

A visit to Himachal’s beauty – Dharamshala

Himachal, located in the lap of Dhauladhar’s wing, is the most beautiful and sacred place. There are 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh. Each district defines their story in their own beauty. Small and beautiful cities located in Himachal make it HEAVEN ON EARTH. Dharamshala is also one of the beautiful cities located in North India. It is also the capital of Himachal Pradesh for a period of 6 months in winter. Dharamshala is the art of God.

How do you reach Dharamshala?

By Air: – Gaggla Nearest Airport (13 km from Dharamsala). Daily flights from Delhi – Air Deccan Airlines and Jagson Airlines

By train: – Nearest Railway Station Pathankot. An overnight train trip from Delhi-Pathankot. 3 hours by bus / taxi to Dharamsala.

By Bus: -HTC bus that connects Delhi-Dharamsala. This is a 13 hour trip. Buses are also available from Manali, Dehradun and other parts of North India.


Dharamshala is a combination of two Dharam + Shala words meaning spiritual dwellings. According to Indian culture, Dharamshala means a vacation home for spiritual piligrims. Dharamshala is divided into two parts

• Upper Himachal (Tibetan exile area)

• Lower Himachal (Himachali area and commercial center)


In ancient times Dharamshala was ruled by the Katoch Dynasty royal family of Kangra. The Dharamshalas are basically called the Gaddi but they lost their presence when the British and Gorkha arive were in Dharamshala in 1950. The presence of the Dalai Lama and Tibet has made the Dharamshala a place where nature is not only all that is visible to the eye but also includes an inner image of the soul .

Dharamshala tradition and culture

Dharamshala is basically enriched with two cultures. One side where the culture of Himachali spread the Himachal faction among …

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Visit Kollam in Kerala for Rejuvenating Holidays

Visit Kollam in Kerala for Rejuvenating Holidays

Kollam is one of the most beautiful destinations of the south Indian state of Kerala. Soaked in sheer natural beauty and offering enchanting attractions, Kollam is a major attraction of Kerala Tour. There are several fascinating attractions which you can enjoy on Kollam tour. It is also an important trade and commercial center of the state. It not only capture’s the hearts of tourists with its beautiful beaches but also leave them enchanted with its mesmerizing backwaters. It is a famed backwater destination of Kerala. It is a perfect place for holidays. This destination is popularly known as the land of cashews.

Some of the famous attractions of Kollam are:

Kollam beaches

The beaches of Kollam offer romantic ambiance, peaceful surroundings, swaying palm trees dancing on the tune of cool breeze and picturesque views. Here on the beaches you can enjoy swimming as they are safe for it. Other adventurous and pleasurable activities you can indulge in are fishing, boat cruising, surfing and volleyball, football etc.

Do visit the popular Thirumullavaram beach of Kollam where you can relax to the hilt. Another famous spot of this city is the Thangasseri beach which is laced with glorious history. There are Portuguese and Dutch forts and some 18th century Churches on this beach which add more charm to it.

Kollam Backwaters

Enjoy a pleasurable backwater cruise on the backwaters and you are bound to get rejuvenated to the hilt. To add more adventure to your Kollam tour you can opt for a boat cruise from Kollam to Alleppy. It takes around eight hours.

Adventure Park

It is a beautiful park which is a perfect place for children and adults as well.

Ariankavu Pilgrimage

Located near Kollam, it is a popular pilgrimage center where people come from far and wide. The temple here …

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