Dental Travel - How to Save Money While Being on Vacation

Dental Travel – How to Save Money While Being on Vacation

Dental Travel- Why would someone travel to get dental treatment abroad?

Dentures are very expensive, therefore dental travel makes sense to lots of people. Dental implants, crowns and bridges can quickly gather a few thousand Euro. The statutory health insurance usually covers only a fraction of the cost and avoids paying any costs for cosmetic dental works. Since dental travel is close to many patients, they ask the price question:

Would it be cheaper in foreign countries and do they offer the same quality standards?

In fact in Europe and worldwide you’ll be able to find many dental travel packages. Those are usually created by the most advanced practices that have recognized the potential of dental tourism and they combine it with good service and excellent technical standards foreign patients expect to receive. But there are some black sheep as well. Therefor even hospitals benefit from the new boom in tooth tourism that are not technically equipped and educated according to Western Standards.

If you think about taking a dental travel treatment abroad, it is important to note a few things:

  • What is the website impression of the clinic?
  • Do they offer reliable information or advertising?
  • Is there a chance to get advise in detail before you go there?
  • What options are there for treatment if complications arise?

Those who live near the borderline know the benefits of the EU: Cross the borderline to buy fuel cheaper – or go to the foreign dentist. A future vision? In Brandenburg/Germany it became reality at least for AOK (Major Health Insurance Company) members. This health insurance has signed fixed contracts with dentists in Poland. Since the AOK pays the usual fixed subsidy it is enough to pay for the treatment completely in the neighboring country.

When it comes to dental …

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Travel Safety Tips You Can Count On

Travel Safety Tips You Can Count On

You are getting ready to travel into a foreign country. You are so excited. This is the first time you have traveled this far. You are packed and ready to go. Before you leave home there are some things you need to know about travel safety tips. You want to make sure that not only will you have fun, but you will also come home safe. Read on and check out these tips.

The first tip about traveling safety is to never put your address or name on your luggage where everyone can read it. This is very dangerous because you do not know who may see your address. They may see the address and know you are going away and then go rob your home while you are gone. Never put your luggage down anywhere in the airport. If you do have to put it down, keep your foot on it the entire time.

The next travel safety tip is to never carry important papers with you. If you do have to take them then get copies made and take the copies with you. This will save your important papers from getting lost or stolen.

Watch what jewelry you wear. A lot of jewelry is inviting trouble. If thieves see you wearing a lot of expensive jewelry then you are making yourself an open target.

When you are in a hotel room never take for granted that you are safe. It does not matter how nice or fancy the hotel is. Always lock the doors when you are in your room and make sure you lock it every time you leave. Carry a little flashlight with you and make sure you can get to it fast. You never know when you are going to come face to …

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