Looking For Some Budget Travel Tips?

Looking For Some Budget Travel Tips?

All of us like taking holidays every now and then. Most people like to go on vacations to escape from the daily grind of life in the city. Earning a living, supporting a family, paying the bills and keeping track of insurance can become a tedious process unless we give ourselves a break from time to time. However, not all of us have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars on a single vacation. We like to make things reasonable and plan three small vacations instead of blowing everything up on a single lavish one.

There are many ways of cutting costs when taking a vacation.

Choose the Destination

You don’t have to be able to afford the Hamptons in summer to enjoy your holiday. Go someplace where it has beautiful surroundings, fewer people and options for lodging that fit your budget. A few days of relaxing at a small town in the country is a good idea. You may even use your friends’ farmhouse to get away for a few days. This means you can save up on the living expenses and spend it on something else; like food.

Book the Hotel

If you are going to book a hotel, do your own research. Get or buy a few travel magazines and look up various hotels and their room schemes online. Nowadays all hotels have websites of their own where they supply all the information a tourist may need. You can even do the bookings online to avoid risking not finding a room. If you have the opportunity, use your friends’ travel points to get discounts and bonus benefits at the hotel.

Decide on the Transport

Find out the best way to reach a place. Flights are not always the best option; especially if it too short a distance. Which is, in turn, makes tickets very expensive? The fuel cost that is never justified. You can drive the way if you want. Use the bus service if there is any available.

If you use a car, make sure it is in perfect working condition. Breakdowns in the middle of the highway can be risky and messy. Also, refuel at stations that are cheaper.

Carry your own Supplies of Food and Drinks

Carry as many bottles of water and juice as you can in your car. There are mini refrigerators available that can work on car batteries or you can simply stash all the cans and bottles inside a box full of normal or dry ice to keep them cold.

Even when you are in the hotel, instead of opening the bottle of water kept as part of room service (which will cost you extra for use) you should drink your own water. Ask the room service to fill your bottle before leaving for sightseeing for the day. In order to distract kids from gorging on candies and feeling thirsty pack in enough board games and toys to keep them engaged.

Remember to Use Travel insurance

This is especially important for those traveling by air. In case of emergency or mishap, your insurance will save you from losing all the money you have already paid for booking rooms and air tickets.