7 Top Destinations You Should Consider Visiting in South America

7 Top Destinations You Should Consider Visiting in South America

Due to the great number of places in South America, one is often indecisive on the best places to go. You know, you’d think of Peru today, only to be swept off your feet by what the travel agencies say about Venezuela.

We are going to put an end to your indecision and confusion with this article. We’ll explore the top seven places to visit in South America. You’d also find us-reviews.com very much helpful as it contains perfectly curated online vacation packages reviews that will help you make the best travel plans. Not only do they serve as a guide to you on your planning, they also help you enjoy your travel to the fullest.

Below are the top 7 destinations you should consider visiting in South America.

1.     Cartagena:

This beautiful village in Colombia is one of the most fascinating places in South America. This village comprises a lot of things. From ancient architecture that reeks of time and class to houses that reek of rustic life. These are not the only interesting things there are to Cartagena. The cool beaches and the simple lives of the natives feel like home.

2.     The Amazon River:

A visit to South America is never complete until one visits the famous Amazon River. This river is the largest river by volume in the world. It is home to the largest rainforests. You’d come across the strangest and most beautiful flora and fauna in the Amazon. It is also said to house the Jesus Christ Lizard too.

3.     Machu Picchu:

This colourful city of Peru is classified among the seven new wonders of our modern world. And, it totally earned it. What is there not to love about Machu Picchu? Is it the beautiful landscape? Or the mesmerising temple of the sun? This city is a blend of the most modern and ancient beauties.

4.     Rio de Janeiro:

Rio de Janeiro isn’t called the Marvellous City for no reason. It is one of the most marvellous cities in Brazil. Rio has very colourful mountains and sandy beaches that leave it with some sort of picturesque beauty. Rio offers you a beautiful view of the popular Christ the Redeemer Statue too. Isn’t that just beautiful!

5.     Angel Falls:

This waterfall in Venezuela is the tallest in the world. It is very calm and soothing to the soul. Lovers of aesthetics would love the Angel Falls so much. The resplendent rushes of water are indeed like the beauty of angels. Do you know that there is a pool under the waterfall where you can swim? That’s how beautiful the Angel Falls are.

6.     Atacama Desert:

Perhaps you think dryness is all there is to the Atacama Desert – not at all. There is more to it than just cactuses. The Atacama Desert has large salt lakes, big flamingos and complementary lagoons.  It also has very beautiful views of the sky as well as brilliant stars that would make you stargaze at night.

7.     Buenos Aires:

This beautiful city of Argentina is synonymous to art. You’d find breath-taking street arts in neighborhoods like Barracas, Congreso, Palermo and lots of others.  Buenos Aires has the best steaks too. You’d find them in Parrillas.

Final Notes

This list we’ve made will sure help you make the best travel choices whenever you want to tour South America. We hope you enjoy every moment of your trip. Traveling is life!