Costa Rica Beach Rentals and Water Sports In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beach Rentals and Water Sports In Costa Rica

Costa Rica, probably the most attractive Latin American nation, is often a summertime holiday destination for adventure sports professionals and amateurs. This can be the time every person who can come comes to the white and black beaches of Costa Rica. Finding a Cost Rica beach rentals during that time is very difficult, so if you are planning to come to the country for adventure sports then start looking for Costa Rica vacation rentals by the beach at least two months in advance.

What water sports can you enjoy in the country?

The country is sandwiched between the Carrageen Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. In total, the country has 755 miles of coastline, which are used by adventure sportsmen to satiate their need for a fun-filled vacation. Costa Rica is famous among surfers, windsurfers, divers, rafters, and sea kayakers.

In the paragraphs following this one, the article will talk in brief about various places where one can go for different kinds of adventure sports. The places are organized based on their suitability of a particular kind of adventure sport.


The ocean on the coast of the Latin American country is such a delight for surfers. It gets many big waves, which professional surfers die for, and at places, it also produces small manageable waves that are devoured by learners and armatures.

Beaches on the Pacific Ocean side have more surfing spots than that on the Caribbean Seaside. The Northwest Province of Guanacaste is loved by the surfers. One can also go to the Southern zone and Central Pacific for surfing.

Places like Playa Naranjo, Guanacaste Potrero Grande, Playa Langosta, are good places to go for surfing on the Pacific Ocean side.

You can think of getting a beach rental in a place near any of the above-mentioned beaches.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is relatively easier than river kayaking, yet it provides an amazing experience. It also allows experiencing the marine life. One can go to Guanacaste’s Hermosa Beach and from there to Bahia Culebra for sea kayaking. On your sea kayaking trip, you will be taken around Manuel Antonio and Curu National Wildlife Refuge.

To experience Sea Kayaking in the region, investing in Manuel Antonio real estate is a wise move. This will keep you closer to the Sea Kayaking zone.


The topography of the region combined with heavy rainfall makes the country a suitable place for rafting. It is very much suitable for the first time rafters, so need to worry if you have never paddled in water ever.

For inexperienced rafter, going around Corobici is recommended, as this region is comparatively calmer and doesn’t tax the body much. But for an experienced guy, the lower Reventazon is a perfect place. The water here is very turbulent and excites the experienced rafters.

How to find Costa Rica beach rentals for water sports

The first step towards finding a beach rental is to determine in which water sports will you participate in? The next step is to shortlist 2-3 beach cities where you would like to go for water sports. Do a preliminary search of the Internet to find the companies offering vacation rentals on Costa Rican beaches. Make a list of things (amenities) you will need on vacation. Call beach vacation rental companies you listed in step 3. Take all the details from each one of them. Inquire about the availability of rental houses in the months you want to spend in the country. Ask for recommendations, and read reviews.

Once you are satisfied with the quality of Costa Rica beach rental provider then pay the required advance and book the beach house for your vacation.

Book Costa Rica beach rentals in advance

Because of its suitability for adventure sports enthusiasts for all kinds of skill levels, the beaches of Costa Rica always remain in high demand. If you want to go to the country for a vacation filled with adventure sports then you should choose a spot and start looking for Costa Rica Beach rentals. The sooner you will do the better deal you will get.