Costa Rica Rentals – 2 Beautiful Beaches for Family Holiday

Costa Rica Rentals - 2 Beautiful Beaches for Family Holiday

Driving the demand for Costa Rica Rentals is the $2.2 billion tourism industry of Costa Rica, which is one of the hottest travel destinations in the American Continent. It is, in fact, the most visited country in Central America. More than 2 million foreign visitors gravitated towards this beautiful country, in 2008 alone, to have a sip of misty air and pristine weather from the divine goblet of nature.

On average, tourists spend around $1,077 per trip, which further created the ground for high-quality rental villas on the beaches and inside the cities. In 2008, 38.6% of total visitors to the city were from America, and if we add visitors from Canada, which was 5.2%, then total visitors from American neighborhood jumps to 43.8%, and data suggests that many of them came here to spend a prolonged vacation, to cater to which an entire industry of  Costa Rica vacation home rentals had sprouted.

The vacation rentals in the country include both modest rental accommodations in the lap of nature to luxurious villas by the seaside. Costa Rica beach rentals have all amenities of the world including excellent restaurants and nerve-soothing spas. The country also has a good number of eco-lodges, rainforest hideaways, sea-facing bungalows, log cabin midst the green forests, and luxurious accommodation on the mountainside, but obviously, where one stays and in what kind of accommodation depends upon where one goes, and how much dough one has to spare for the vacation.

Taking the discussion forward, on the topic, the article is going to suggest about 3 beautiful beaches, where a person can take his family for a vacation, however long or short.

Bahia Salinas

This beach is located near the border of Nicaragua on the northwestern corner of Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. This is a perfect place for anyone who wants to see a windswept untouched beach with natural bay views. The virgin beaches of Bahia Salinas are a perfect getaway destination for people who have spent their lives in the bustling metropolis of the United States. Even kiteboarding enthusiasts and windsurfers come to the Bahia Salinas to feel the texture of its windswept beaches.

Cabo Matapalo

The first destination this article discussed was on the northern side of Costa Rica, and this one is on the southern side, on the tip of the Osa Peninsula. Cabo Matapalo, or Metapalo, as it is known among the locals, is the hidden way to step into the luscious lap of nature in places like Isla Del Cano, Golfo Dulce, and Corcovado National Park. These places are the least visited ones, so rental houses will not be so heavily priced. You can find eco-lodges, hotels, and restaurants serving good food in the locality.

There is a beach on the Pacific side of the country, which poses quite a challenge to the surfers. Some parts, where the large waves roll over a rocky bottom terrain should be avoided for inexperienced surfers.

If you are just a surfing enthusiast and want to take your family to a place where the rental is not high and surfing is easier than going to Pan Dulce. It has gentler and smaller waves.

There are so many things to see in and around Cabo Matapalo, and not all Costa Rica Rentals are expensive here. You can easily get good rentals in your budget so that you can spend some more time in the country among the lush green forest, and have fun near blue-greenish beaches.